Electrical Safety

The original, patented design of the STAFOR boiler is fundamentally different from the designs of other manufacturers. It enables to use a principle of the separation of working and protective field ("Faraday cell"). To date, it is the only ion (electrode) boiler of a flow type that is entirely consistent with the requirements of the European Community Low Voltage Directive № 73/23/EEC on electrical safety and authorized for sale and use in the EU member states. Do not expose your life, and lives of other people to danger. Use electrical safety ion boilers STAFOR! Boilers of other manufacturers can have a dangerous leak of electric current on the body of the boiler!

​Energy Efficiency

On 25 October 2012, the EU adopted the Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency.

This Directive establishes a common framework of measures for the promotion of energy efficiency within the European Union in order to ensure the achievement of the Union’s 2020 20 % headline target on energy efficiency and to pave the way for further energy efficiency improvements beyond that date. It lays down rules designed to remove barriers in the energy market and overcome market failures that impede efficiency in use of energy, and provides for the establishment of indicative national energy efficiency targets for 2020.

The increased rate of energy conversion, in ion boilers (heaters) STAFOR, from electrical to thermal with COP from 1 (100%) to 1.57 (157%) (in some tests results reached 204%), depending on the model of boiler and operation mode. From other manufacturers, this parameter is less than 1. This means that if you use the boiler STAFOR, the electric current makes a greater job and, respectively, heating costs are reduced. Do not overpay for heating! Use high-efficiency boilers STAFOR!​