How STAFOR COMBI system for hot water works?

  1. The refrigerant coil R134a gas circulates through the STAFOR thermodynamic panel where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature transforming the liquid into a gas and carrying the heat back to the STAFOR COMBI thermodynamic unit. The gas compressed within the system which increases the pressure and therefore also the temperature.
  2. Simultaneously a water pump pushes heat carrier STATERM from the sanitary water boiler (DHW cylinder) into the STAFOR COMBI unit heat exchanger after which the hotter heat carrier returns to DHW cylinder. This flow continues until domestic hot water temperature reaches 55°C. Once this is achieved the system goes into standby.
  3. Sanitary water boiler (DHW cylinder) filled with water is used as hot water source for domestic use. System can be connected to new DHW cylinder or already existing (installed) DHW cylinder.

Thermodynamic system STAFOR COMBI 200DHW

  • Designed for heating of domestic hot water tank with volume till 200L

  • Already installed DHW tank can be used

Thermodynamic systems STAFOR COMBI catalogue